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Our 364 System will help you make the right decision when buying and selling.

Our algorithm understands the market and does all the thinking for you.

Risk Management - Every trade we enter at 364forex has a risk/reward ratio of 1:2 which means you win twice the amount you are risking everytime you enter a trade. Combine that with our positive winning percentage and you have yourself a winning strategy.

Along with risk management and trend following, we provide you with all the necessary components for a profitable trading strategy. Trading with...

Simplicity - The strategy is simple. When the trend is up, we look for buys. When the trend is down, we look for sells. When the trend is flat, we stay out of the market ensuring a higher winning percentage.

2017 - 2020 Win/loss Ratio

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Example One

This is an example of 2 winning trades that would be taken using our 364 strategy throughout the month of July, 2020.

Example Two

This is another example of the three trades that were taken in the month of august, 2020. Two of them were winners and one of them was a loss.

Example Three

In this picture, we can see that the indicator sent us a notification to buy GBPJPY on July 27th, 2020. Our strategy rules allow us to enter a trade once this notification is received.

Example Four

After a few days of holding our buy on July 27th, 2020, GBPJPY soared for almost 400 pips from our entry point which was alerted with our 364Forex indicator. These are the types of winners you can expect with us!

Example Five

The next picture shows you what the indicator looks like when you first install it on your MT4 platform. The trend on the H1 chart is currently in consolidation so the indicator will not look for any trades.

Example Six

The following example shows you what the indicator looks like when you install it on your MT4 platform but this time we are looking at the 4H chart. Our indicator is showing us that GBPJPY is in an upwards trend so we look for buys on the shorter timeframe.

Soft Alert

A soft alert will not be a signal that we will look to enter trades on but it will allow us to anticipate a hard alert that may be coming up.

Hard Alert

A hard alert will be the notification we will enter trades on as the the currency pair meets all criteria necessary. These are the notifications we always get excited about because we know we can enter with confidence.

who are

364 = The total amount of days of hard work and effort it will take you to be as successful as us.

We understand first hand what it takes to become a profitable trader. With that goal in mind, we have worked hard to create a profitable trading system that holds all the ingredients needed to make money with longevity.

Winning Percentage - With data going back to January 2018, we can affirm that our winning percentage is 60% and more when trading the 364forex strategy.

No over trading - Our strategy provides you with 3-4 proper trades every month per recommended currency pair. This means that you can take quality setups and not worry about the rest of the noise in the market.

These are all the necessary components for a trading strategy to be a profitable one. Trading with 364Forex allows you to trade the forex markets with confidence and a complete understanding of the reasons you are entering a trade. Our entire purpose is to help traders become profitable by skipping the harsh hurdles we have experienced along the way on our journey. Every trader has the opportunity to succeed but can only do so with the right tools and we truly believe that 364Forex is the hammer you need to smash the markets!

For 500$, you receive our indicator and our complete 364 strategy as well as any future updates. It also comes with lifetime support to any questions or problems you may have using our system.

Disclaimer - Forex trading carries large potential reward as well as risks of loss. Be aware of the risks involved before participating in the forex market. Forex carries a high level of leverage therefore do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Past results of any trading system including 364Forex are not indicative of future results. 364Forex takes no responsibility in profits or losses made using the notifications given by our system. By purchasing our product, you acknowledge that we do not provide financial advice and that it is your decision and responsibility to take trades on your own account. We have no knowledge of the money and level of risk you assume upon each trade. With this in mind, the amount paid to purchase our product cannot be refunded. You should ensure you understand all the potential risks before purchasing our system. Each trade carries its own unique risk regardless of past results. Due to the intellectual property behind the product, we do not offer refunds on any purchases. We strictly forbid the resale of the 364Forex system and we reserve the right to cancel any licensed user if we believe you violate the terms of this agreement without the issue of a refund.


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